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The Ultimate Gold Trust is the gaurdian of S.M.A. Gold.



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Private Vault in Zurich

The Ultimate Gold Trust guards the gold in Switzerland outside the banking system, while clients retain the right to sell for cash at any time.

UGT/SMA is unique in its structure. It is structured robustly to prevent the confiscation of your Gold & Silver holdings.

UGT/SMA is completely independent of any other company that can be influenced by confiscating authorities.

There is no other precious metal company that can prevent confiscation like us. No other companies try to!

We are the right people to hold your gold and protect it during the turbulent times ahead.

The Ultimate Gold Trust/SMA is in a different business than just storing gold and silver for clients!

We see a great potential for the confiscation of gold then silver from China [incl Hong Kong] across the World through to the U.S.A. As a new Monetary System moves into position from 2015 onwards!
As China forms an alternative monetary system to the West, buying as much gold as possible, the new multi-currency system will see gold take a pivotal position in the Currency world soon. This portends the confiscation of gold in many countries.

How to Buy or Transfer your Gold & Silver

Minimum amount $25,000 to buy and speak to us about Transferring Gold & Silver

Send us: - your Passport, Tax ID, Utility Bill then we accept you as client.

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Wire us your funds, if buying Gold or Silver, to our account ...(Fees Page)

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Buy Gold and Silver bars from 1 gram upwards

Buy Gold and Silver coins

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How to Transfer?

Contact us directly:

Loomis: Via Mat International has now changed to Loomis, Switzerland, one of Europe's largest and oldest armoured transport and storage companies.


High Security Storage in a Private Vault

High Security Storage insures against risks such as theft so that your precious metals are protected.

Fully Insured

Allocated Gold

No Leasing, Leverage or Lending

Redeemable at anytime


Ensures that governments may not force a transfer to themselves or an agency.

Certificates Non-transferable

SMA is not a financial institution Holdings non-reportable under FATCA

Daily Reconciliation of your gold holdings

Your personal codename ...Click Here

No Loans, leasing or de allowed

Redeemable at anytime

Except when governments try to confiscate it from you.

SMA client gold is 100% physically segregated in the vault.


Simply submit a sell order and the gold will be sold. Currency proceeds paid back to the account from which they were received.

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